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Speakers @ eCommerce Expo Ireland

Patrick Obolgogiani

Patrick helps online retailers in to deliver personalised shopping experiences through his work at Nosto – earth’s fastest growing personalisation solution, serving over 15,000 retailers.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and an artistic spark, he gets excited about solving backbreaking challenges and helping others out. Prior to Nosto, Patrick worked in retail at Nokia and founded a mobile service for assisting local SME businesses with marketing.


Nosto is the fastest-growing personalization solution in the world, enabling any online retailer to deliver their customers personalized shopping experiences wherever they are. Nosto’s ease of use and speed of implementation empowers retailers to start growing their businesses within minutes of getting started, increasing conversion, average order value and customer retention. With offices in New York, London, Berlin and Helsinki, Nosto is used by over 15,000 retailers across the globe including Volcom, LUSH and OKA.



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