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Oisin Ryan

Oisin Ryan is a co-founder and CEO of ServiceDock. He is an expert in business to consumer messaging and an author for leading online CX publications like and

His previous company is an international online retail directory with over 1m monthly active users. Insights from running this business led him to set up ServiceDock.

About ServiceDock

ServiceDock is the missing link between your physical and digital stores. We do two things.

We capture feedback from your brick-and-mortar customers via messaging apps. This helps you:

  • build customer insight and benchmark outlet performance, so you can improve CX in your stores and better understand your customers’ needs
  • collect customer emails with marketing permissios and open messaging as a marketing channel so you can target those customers digitally

We bring key digital service channels like messaging, social and web chat into one platform that handles online, head office and outlet customer contact. This helps you:

  • improve the efficiency of your customer support teams and better serve your customers
  • increase sales by turning more brick-and-mortar customers into multi-channel customers

Speaking Topic: Why messaging apps are the missing link between your physical and digital stores.



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